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INSET Sessions

  • I offer informative, interactive INSET that can be adapted to suit sessions anywhere between 90 minutes and 3 hours long, depending on the activities chosen.

  • The presentation incorporates evidence from the latest research into dyscalculia, advice from leading experts and details of the updated definition recently published by the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC).

  • Attendees will be introduced to the nature of dyscalculia and how it affects the lives of those who struggle with this learning disorder.

  • Class teachers will be shown how to identify children that may need assessment and intervention and will gain an in-depth understanding of the areas of maths affected by dyscalculia.

  • Ideas for intervention will be provided, as well as an extensive list of recommended books, websites and resources for schools to consider following the training.

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Interactive games

  • Games are an important part of interventions for students with dyscalculia. Being able to visualise numbers, using the dot patterns on dice for example, provide the basis for building up an understanding of number.

  • The INSET I provide can include the types of games that can be played with pupils during an intervention. Playing games as part of the training elicits a deeper understanding of the 'maths talk' that we are looking to develop when working with children with dyscalculia. Games can be added to the workshop on request.

  • Booking an INSET session of 2 hours or more will automatically include time for game-playing.


Training for Schools

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