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Why Choose Me?

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Confidence Goes Hand-In-Hand With Learning

I am a fully-qualified teacher with 26 years of teaching and tutoring experience in British independent schools and state schools. In 2017 I qualified as a specialist dyscalculia teacher and assessor, one of the first in the UK. I have taught maths on a 1:1 basis to young people aged between 6 and 17 for the last 13 years.


The first headteacher I ever worked for strongly believed that if you were happy you would learn. This has been the foundation of my teaching career. I love helping children develop their maths skills and my passion and enthusiasm shine through!


I know how fearful children can become of maths so I ensure that we build a firm bond as I develop a picture of their learning strengths and needs.


At every step of my student's learning journey I spend time developing their confidence in their skills and helping them start to apply what they've learnt with greater independence.


I put all my energy into making the lessons as fun and engaging as they can be, using virtual manipulatives and games to consolidate new skills. I hope that my sessions become something to look forward to!

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